Suspended cop ‘scares’ councillors


A Molepolole cop currently serving a suspension for allegedly threatening to kill his boss is said to have stormed a council session on Tuesday after learning he was the hot topic of discussion earlier in the day.

Sub Inspector, Kenneth Marumo, 50, who was pushed to the police sidelines on 27 July, is up for disciplinary hearing on 21 September.

Accused of acting in a manner prejudicial to discipline, Marumo allegedly asked Senior Superintendent, Modise Gabatshwane, “I’m wondering what I have done to you Mr Gabatshwane? Right now I’m accused of stealing batteries from the police vehicles. Sometimes I even think of doing like Kawina and have to hold myself, I’m telling you.”

The ‘Kawina’ in question is the late Sub Inspector, Galopata Kawina, who shot dead his colleague, Inspector, Tapologo Nakedi, before turning the gun on himself back in April 2012, just a few meters from Molepolole Police Station.

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Sources say Marumo, a mechanic in his spare time, blew his fuse after his superiors refused to sign off on his loan application due to an outstanding issue over his repeated failure to carry-out orders to remove the cars parked by his yard.

It seems the issue cropped up in council this week, with one councillor complaining that Marumo was using his police residential plot as an industrial plot for conducting his duties of car mechanics.

The councillor noted the parked cars were making the place look untidy and were causing congestion as they were crammed up too close to the road.

Apparently tipped off that he was being talked about, Marumo reportedly turned up when the session had broken for lunch, demanding to see the politician ‘talking rubbish’ about him.

The startled councillors referred the cop to the offices of the Council Chairperson Allen Jacob and his Secretary, Goleba Kgari.

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In a brief interview with The Voice, Jacob confirmed the irate officer arrived unannounced, seeking the councillor who criticized him.

“We reported the issue to the police and the Officer Commanding came. Later when we knocked off, he informed me that they were with the said officer at the police station. I don’t know if he was detained or not,” said Jacob.

Meanwhile, Botswana Police Service, Deputy PRO, Near Bagali remained tight lipped on the issue, explaining, “I can’t go deep into details, the matter is still on investigations, that’s all I can say.”

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