School head caught in muti act

Sharon Mathala

‘Ne ke baankanya sekolo.”- Bojase

Whilst their age mates attended their first day of school, students in Kanngwe primary school missed classes as parents and teachers clashed with the school head over her use of muti.

The school head, Kesetsenao Bojase was allegedly caught by the security guards in the company of an unidentified traditional doctor preforming a ritual with a whisker (seditse) around the school.

When confronted by the security officers, the school head became hostile, screamed and chased them away- an eyewitness has alleged.

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The Voice team arrived at the placid settlement situated about 10 KM from Mmathethe, when villagers had gathered at the Main Kgotla adjacent to the primary school.

Curious young learners in uniform were spotte milling around the area playing with their peers while their parents and teachers demanded the chopping of the school head.

Teachers narrated incidents of ill treatment and intimidation from their boss whilst parents expressed their concerns about the decline of exam results and the use of muti by the school head.

Acting Director in the South region, Tumelo Rakgabo who mediated between the teachers, parents and the school head said, “I can confirm that we are currently investigating an incident in which security officers allege they saw the school head perform some traditional muti stuff around the school premises. I can also confirm that the teachers then decided to boycott classes. We quickly attended to the situation because we want teaching to start. We have met with the teachers and they told us what they saw and their fears. They have promised to resume classes whilst the Ministry investigates the matter further,” Rakgabo said.


“We also met with parents to reassure them that as the Ministry we will investigate this allegation and take the necessary steps. The parents of course want her removal but this is something I will have to discuss with the Ministry heads. Emotions are obviously very high and tense, hence we will expedite the matter,” Rakgabo further explained.

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The Director however reserved her comment concerning a similar allegation concerning the school head in 2013 when she was accused of holding students hostage at Mantshwabisi primary school.

“I reserve my comment on that one. That is an issue for the permanent secretary,” Rakgabo said.

A security officer, Boitumelo Ntoko, said her colleagues told her that when the school head was asked to explain her ritual she said, “ Ke baakanya sekolo” (I am fixing the school).

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Reached for a comment Bojase refused to comment on the matter directing The Voice reporter to the Acting Director, Rakgabo.

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