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Murder suspect faints in court

SEEKING BAIL: Maiswe is accused of murdering his girlfriend

*Collapses during bail hearing

A 21-year-old man accused of killing his girlfriend fainted in a Molepolole courtroom this Tuesday, collapsing in the dock as the Magistrate deliberated over his bail hearing.

Police officers had to revive Andrew Maiswe as the murder suspect laid passed out on the floor before a bemused court.

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With tearful relatives in close pursuit, the cops quickly removed Maiswe from the building and rushed him to a clinic.

Maiswe, arrested exactly a year ago for allegedly stabbing Olebile Motlanyane, 21, to death, had earlier warned court he suffers from a heart condition and requires his parents’ care.

The Monwane native had already caused quite a scene, clasping his hands together and praying passionately, telling court he was reformed and a born-again Christian.

His bail application was filed in May last year, with Maiswe seeking freedom on the basis that he is still a child, his family’s first-born and only breadwinner. He also revealed that he intends to apply for school.

However, the prosecution have opposed Maiswe’s application, arguing the case is a capital offence.

They also highlighted the fact that the suspect has reportedly tried to commit suicide three times in the past.

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Maiswe allegedly tried to kill himself due to stress in his love life. It is suspected his girlfriend, Motlanyane was planning to break-up with him as she believed he was cheating on her.

He is accused of stabbing her in the heart on 21 January 2019, before fleeing to a nearby bush where he was apprehended by police later that same day.

The suspected girlfriend-killer has been behind bars ever since. It was the Magistrate detailing the prosecution’s reasons for denying him bail that caused him to faint.

Hours later, having been treated and discharged, the frail-looking youth was returned to court to resume his battle for bail.

However, Maiswe will have to wait a little longer for the chance to breathe free air as Molepolole Chief Magistrate Goabaone Rammapudi-Lesedi postponed the matter, rescheduling it for February 6th.

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Looking distressed and overwhelmed, Maiswe was once again marched back to the police van, with his destination this time being prison.

His weary relatives, exhausted after a long day in court, clung together and watched sadly until the vehicle was out of sight.

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