Popa keeper’s women woes


Two young ladies caused quite the scene at O Foo ke Fano music festival on New Year’s Eve when they started fighting over Township Rollers number one goalkeeper, Keagile Kgosipula.

The Popa shot-stopper scarpered as soon as the cat-fight started but Shaya was there to capture the moment.

It is not clear what the two women were fighting for but those closer to the scene claim Kgosipula’s ex-girlfriend said something that made his new beau angry.

Security officers had to intervene to stop the unseemly scuffle.

The Rollers player was reportedly involved in another unsavoury incident over festive, when a woman accused him of manhandling her at one of Gaborone’s drinking spots.

The lady claimed Kgosipula slapped and choked her after a misunderstanding.

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