Maun Coronavirus results negative

RELIEVED: Dr Kebabonye

Laboratory test results of a suspected corona case which was under temporary quarantine in a safari camp in the Okavango delta came out negative, head of Ngamiland District Health Team (DHMT) has confirmed.

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In a brief interview Friday evening, Dr Malebogo Kebabonye stated that, “the results were long out and they came back negative.”

She was making reference to the case of a 67 year old American woman who presented with suspicious signs of corona virus when she visited the tourism destination in the delta early this month, around 8th March 2020.

Due to confidentiality clause of health regulations, Kebabonye could not discuss the case further.

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Botswana remains one of the few countries in Southern Africa which have not reported a single confirmed case of Covid-19 so far.

As of this morning over 16 500 people have reportedly died from this pandemic across the world and numbers are still going up with every minute with more than 12000 others in critical conditions.

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However there are over 100 000 fortunate ones who successfully recovered and have been discharged from hospitals.

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