Phane, pleasure and pain

OUT OF THE HOT SEAT: Lubinda was set free

Woman gets suspended sentence for sex-filled weekend with teen.

A long weekend of steamy sex ended in tears for a 28-year-old woman when she discovered her young lover was underage.

Onalenna Lubinda got the shock of her life when her new beau’s parents reported her to the police for sleeping with their 17-year-old son.

The Shashe Bridge native had only met the teenager the previous week, 16th February, while out harvesting mophane worms in the bush near her village.

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The teenager reportedly approached her and boldly proposed love.

Flattered by the young lad’s interest and unaware that he was underage, Lubinda readily agreed and the couple had sex in the bush.

Although they parted ways, the affair continued the following week when the youth proceeded to visit Lubinda at her home.

It is thought they engaged in sexual intercourse for much of the weekend.

However, after the pleasure came a world of pain for the unsuspecting Lubinda. She was reported to the police by the minor’s parents when they discovered what had happened.

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Lubinda, a Tirelo Sechaba participant at Pelotelele Primary School, was arrested and charged with unlawful carnal knowledge with a boy under the age of 18.

Appearing before Francistown Magistrates Court recently, she pleaded guilty.

Fearing the worst, Lubinda’s breathed an almost audible sigh of relief when she realised she would be walking free after receiving a suspended sentence.

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Although Magistrate Game Mooketsi pointed out the minimum term for defilement is 10 years in jail, she saw fit to dish out a four-year sentence wholly suspended for two years.

“The courts have to look at the seriousness of the offence and balance the interest of the society. The court will also consider that the accused person is a first offender and that the minor is the one who pursued her. The accused person also pleaded guilty when she was first arraigned before court,” she said.

Mooketsi also noted the accused had already spent time behind bars, having been locked up following her arrest on 3 March.

The Magistrate reasoned the few weeks Lubinda had spent in prison was ample time for her to reflect on what she had done and to learn her lesson.



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