Leagajang in the spotlight

Daniel Chida
PS PULLS NO PUNCHES: Batlhalefi Leagajang

PS to the President rubbishes rumours of a political return.

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Although he insists the rumours are rubbish, whispers are growing louder that Press Secretary (PS) to the President, Batlhalefi Leagajang, is planning a surprise return to active politics.

Leagajang joined the public service in March 2020 after being trounced at the polls by current Member of Parliament (MP), Mmusi Kgafela, in the Botswana Democratic Party’s primary elections for Kgatleng West. In a humbling loss, Leagajang managed 575 votes, falling way short of Kgafela’s 1,759.

Despite his dismal performance, President Mokgweetsi Masisi appointed him his press secretary.

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Two-and-a-half years later and BDP insiders claim Leagajang is ready to try his luck again and take on the Minister of Trade and Industry, Kgafela, for a second time.

The source says this has created some divisions between the PS and his boss, the President.

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According to the source, Masisi made it clear he would only allow Leagajang to contest if there is a new, third constituency created in Kgatleng.

“If there is no new constituency then he will not get the President’s blessings. But it looks like Leagajang has made up his mind of contesting whether there is a new constituency or not,” maintains the source, adding this defiance has caused tension between the two.

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When contacted for comment, Leagajang emphatically dismissed such talk, insisting he has absolutely no intention of running for election in any constituency.

“Since I joined civil service, I have never discussed my past political life with President Masisi except for him mentioning that I took defeat with grace and dignity. I made it very clear when I lost Bulela Ditswe that my time was 2019 and I will not be available in future because I believe so much in the ‘Miss the Boat’ theory,” he stated.

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Leagajang further mentioned his focus is on serving Masisi until the end of his contract in 2025 and beyond if the President so pleases.

“I serve at his pleasure and convenience. I love my job and I am fully committed to my role as Press Secretary to the President. Beyond my service, my ambition is to work for the United Nations or any multilateral organisation and also attain my PhD,” he concluded.

Specially Elected MP, Unity Dow’s name has also cropped up as those preparing to make a comeback in Kgatleng West.

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