KwaNokeng restores lost hope

Christinah Motlhabane
APPRECIATIVE: Moyo receiving his gift

Eleven days after 49 people lost their cars at the Jwaneng Desert Race event, one young man was blessed with a new set of wheels by KwaNokeng Oil company last week Thursday.

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The 24-year-old Khuthala Moyo was surprised with a brand-new Toyota Wish valued at 70 000 pula.

He emerged the luckiest of them all after KwaNokeng Oil company saw his article captured in The Voice Newspaper and images of his touching story trending on social media.

The pantsula man was seen breaking down, falling on his knees watching as his Toyota Caldina burnt to ashes, but little did he know his tears would turn into laughter.

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When receiving the car, he was lost for words as he was overwhelmed with joy.

KwaNokeng Oil General Manager Dickson Nyepi indicated that for them to buy Moyo a car, they saw a well captured story of him in The Voice Newspaper.
“It really moved us, and we had to sit down as the company to see how we could assist him. It is also part on our company values, integrity and community commitment”.

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The General Manager heaped that through their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Programme, they will continue to look into ways of helping those in need as they are a compassionate, just and caring ornanisation.

“Moyo will also get a phone valued at P2500, an insurance cover of the vehicle for the next three years and a tank of fuel for the next four months,” said Nyepi.

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Moyo appreciated the good gesture extended to him by KwaNokeng Oil company. “I am lost for words, I do not know what to say, I thank KwaNokeng Oil company for restoring my happiness and dignity.

“I am happy that my life has gone back to where it was and even better. My children will be so happy. I removed my daughter from school as I did not have money to pay for her pre-school fees. Now she he will be going back to school,” Moyo said with happiness written all over his face.

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For his part, Botswana Pantsula Association, Peter Fejus Modise indicated that they appreciate KwaNokeng Oil company for what they have done to one of them. “We were also wondering how we are going to assist him as we are an organization that does not make money. We really appreciate what you they did today, we do not have many words but only excitement,” said Modise.

KwaNokeng Oil is a privately owned petroleum company.

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