Khan cancels star rally

Daniel Chida

Controversial Councillor for Borakalalo ward in Molepolole, Arafat Khan has called off his star rally which was scheduled for next week Tuesday.

Khan made the announcement yesterday when addressing the media following his detention by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS). “Since my phones have been taken I don’t think it will be wise to contact my funders some of whom are from the Botswana Democratic Party.”

He said that if he keeps in touch with them it may compromise their security. “They also took my voters roll which I bought from IEC and all my campaign materials are with them. So it is difficult to work and we are just a few days from elections,” the emotional Khan said and added that his arrest by the security organ was done to distract and frustrate him.

He revealed that before his arrest, he was informed by an insider that the DIS had obtained a court order to listen to his phone conversations. “I was told about their mission to tap my phone and I knew I was going to get arrested.”

He however dismissed allegations that he was involved in any drug dealings. “It is my first time to hear such accusations,” he added.

Meanwhile Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) released a statement confirming with regret the recent social media reports involving their Tirelo Sechaba participant stationed in Molepolole who is under police investigation for criminal conduct.

“The participant together with a certain politician were arrested for colluding in exchanging confidential information from the Commission without authority. He shared the confidential data form which has voters’ names and their contact numbers. This form was developed prior to the General Voter Registration and was administered during the registration to assist us with following up voters for correction of their details in the roll. The document is not a public document and remains confidential,” the statement read in part.

The IEC further said in the statement that they condemn and do not tolerate misconduct of any person engaged by the Commission who by virtue of their engagement has access to confidential data.

“Any collusion with stakeholders in sharing sensitive and confidential voters’ data is criminal and punishable. The voters have entrusted us to protect their personal data and will not allow such data to be shared publicly unless otherwise mandated by the law to do so.”

The Commission further said that the conclusion of the police investigations will guide the action to be taken against the Tirelo Sechaba participant.

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