K Knight 360 drops ride for me

Grooving in the Ghetto
Album sleeve

25- year -old Karabo Fologang aka K-Knight 360 has just released a single titled Ride for me.

K-Knight 360 prefers to call his brand of music Afro-swing, also known as Afrobashment, or less commonly Afrobbean or Afro-trap.

It is a genre of music that developed in the UK during around 2010, derivative of dancehall and afrobeats, with influences from trap, hip hop, R&B, and grime.

The single was produced by Uniq Thus and engineered by HHS and The MXC.

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The Francistown based artist hopes to break in to the market with his latest offering, a mellow and soulful tune with a touch of rhythm and blues.

Rating: 5/10 and no marks for the sleeve design.

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