It wasn't me
BEDRIDDEN: Nonofo Makgasa

Councillor denies involvement in man’s mutilation

A Francistown Councillor has parried away suggestions that she may have been involved in the maiming of a 20-year-old man following a violent confrontation at a shebeen.

In an incident that has disturbed the prevailing peace in Francistown’s Block 7 location, a distressed Nonofo Makgasa’s mother, Shathani Makgasa, has pointed an accusing finger at the area councilor, Jenamiso Mojaki, accusing her of sending assailants after her son in an apparent protest to his sympathy to the councillor’s political opponent.

This week, as he sat on his lower back on a mattress inside his modest room with his partially mutilated heels barely touching the floor, the youthful Makgasa told of how he was dragged on a tarred road as he hanged on for dear life aboard a speeding Toyota Surf vehicle.

When narrating the chronicle of events that led to his ordeal, Makgasa said he had had a misunderstanding with some women at a drinking spot who were passengers in the Toyota Surf.

“When I left the yard, two women pounced on me and shoved me into the car and a male driver who was waiting in the car started the engine and sped off with half my body still on the ground,” Makgasa whose surname ironically means ‘tatters’ said showing his now tattered sneakers which partially protected his feet from the tar.

It wasn't me
SHOCKED: Councillor Mojaki

“I choked on the smell of burning flesh as my skin peeled off on the road and when they let me go I hit my head on the tarmac,” he said.

The Voice tracked down one of the ladies who was a passenger in the Surf vehicle.

Identifying herself only as Annah, she said they spent a weekend in a police cell following the incident.

“He was harassing us and he got hurt in the process. We are just waiting for him to get better and this matter is going to court,” she said.

Makgasa’s fuming mother, Shathani, said she believed that councilor Mojaki was behind her son’s ordeal.

“A week earlier the councilor came to my yard twice and told me to keep an eye on Nonofo. She said if my son did not stop campaigning for her opponent, Mma Faki, he risked being hurt,” said the highly animated Shathani.

The Voice also contacted Mojaki who was shocked at the accusations made by the young man and his mother.

“I went to her as an area councillor and asked her to keep an eye on her son who has become notorious in the neighbourhood for his mischief,” she said.

The Ipopeng ward Councillor said she acted out of concern as she has received many reports about the young man from Block 7 residents.

“It was out of courtesy that I approached his mother with the hope that she’d have a word with him. I had no idea my words would be twisted to make me look bad,” said the shocked councillor.

She said from time to time she talks to parents whose children are involved in crime, and while some appreciate her efforts others choose to be defensive and fail to call out their children.

“My area is among the most worrying with a high crime rate, and most of the culprits are very young people who need guidance from parents and civil leadership,” she said.

Mojaki’s words were reiterated by another Block 7 resident, Basha Motila, whose tuckshop was broken into three times.

“Twice I confronted Nonofo and he showed me where they had hid my stuff. He’s a wayward child and I’m the one who asked the Councillor to talk to her parents because he has already broken into my tuckshop twice,” he said.

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