I am not depressed – Khama

Daniel Chida

Former president rubbishes claims that he will die of short illness

Former President, Ian Khama, has warned people who do not know him to stop claiming that he is depressed because he is not.

In an interview with this publication following a trending video clip that got people talking on social media, in which a self-styled Prophet D. Solomon of AA Yeshua Ministries is seen pleading with Batswana to pray for Khama because he was not well, Khama said that he was not sick or depressed as alleged.

“I am not sick, stressed or depressed. In fact, I recently had my annual medical check and all was good. The only thing that depresses me is when people who don’t know me say I am depressed,” said Khama.

However, Prophet Solomon was not deterred by Khama’s response but rather insisted in an interview that the former president “is not himself” and therefore ” prayers were the only solution to his medical problems”.

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“He needs God’s divine intervention, it’s not politics but a short sickness that will kill him if he is not prayed for,” stressed the Prophet, who refused to disclose the nature of sickness saying he did not want to expose the former president’s illness.

“The real Khama is not the person you see on television, the real Khama is depressed and dying. If he goes back to Batswana and dies there, there will be chaos. If he dies in SA, still there will be chaos. There will be political turmoil and the country will be divided along tribal lines,” continued the prophet of doom.

I am not depressed - Khama
GIVING WORD: Prophet D. Solomons

He also added that if Khama was to die before solving the problems he has plunged the country in, there will never be peace in this country.

Asked what problems he was talking about, Prophet Solomon said that Khama brought some of the problems upon himself by appointing President Mokgweetsi Masisi as his successor despite warnings and red flags that Masisi was not the right candidate for the job.

“He knows he made a mistake by appointing Masisi. He saw the signs and ignored them,” said Solomon.

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However, Prophet Solomon said that he cannot help Khama because politicians put God last. “All he needs is prayers,” he kept saying.

In an effort to prove his credibility as a prophet, Solomon claimed that in his 17 years as a prophet, his prophecies have come to pass. He mentioned that in 2015 he foresaw the Russian war, and in 2018 he claims to have warned Khama about appointing Masisi as his successor and, in 2021, he allegedly prophesied that a warrant of arrest would be issued against Khama.

“Politics is taking a wrong turn in Botswana and just watch what will happen in 2024. I have a vision in which two elephants are fighting for a small portion of grass and that means a fight for power. Khama has influence and the path that he takes will determine the future of this country,” he said.

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Khama fled the country to South Africa in November 2021 after a fallout with Masisi. He has also claimed on several occassions that there were attempts on his life.

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