Family fallout

FAMILY AFFAIR: Gofiwa and his mother in court

A furious family fallout in Thamaga last Friday morning has left a man in hospital nursing a broken arm, and his sister and her son facing a charge of grievous harm.

Kehumile Tlotleng, 49, and her boy, Gofiwa Tlotleng, 30, are said to have beaten up 44-year-old Modisa Thebe, hitting him with a log and a plate when an apparent dispute over electricity ended in sparks.

As well as snapping his arm, Thebe, who is currently recovering in a hospital bed at Princess Marina Hospital, also sustained injuries to his forehead during the scrap.

Arrested and detained at Thamaga Police cells over the weekend, on Monday, mother and son were escorted into Molepolole Magistrates’ Court by the cops to answer for the incident.

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However, the duo were allowed to return home after an unimpressed Magistrate, Solomon Setshedi, pointed out the prosecution had made a number of errors on the charge sheet.

These included the date of the alleged crime, which the cops had down as 10th March, 2022 instead of 2023. The boys in blue were also left red-faced for blooper number two: using the same Omang number for both Kehumile and Gofiwa.

Prosecution were ordered to fix the mistakes by Thursday (16th March) for fresh arraignment.

Meanwhile, sources close to the case informed The Voice the trouble started when Thebe angrily approached his nephew, demanding to know why the younger man had cut the power when he was still using it.

Gofiwa is said to have retaliated by striking his uncle with a log – some claim he used the handle of a hoe. While Thebe was reportedly writhing on the ground in agony, Kehumile allegedly intervened, not to help her stricken brother, but rather to join in the assault.

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