F/town artists meet DJ Fresh

Christinah Motlhabane

Francistown artists were thrilled to spend their day in the company of the greatest of all time, DJ Fresh, learning and getting inspired on Tuesday.

In the morning, DJ Fresh – born Thato Sikwane – shared ideas on how to be successful in the music industry with local artists at Thapama Hotel.

The meeting was part of DJ Fresh’s national tour on a mission to uplift up and coming artists and to sharpen their skills and enhance their business acumen.


“Have career goals and be intentional with what you are doing. Find a diary, set your goals and hold yourself accountable,” he said.

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DJ Fresh encouraged the artists to develop the discipline to show up even when they do not feel like showing up and to be prepared so that when an opportunity arises they would not be caught napping.

“An artist should not practise only when they have bookings, they should always be ready. You cannot struggle when you have a smartphone, use it to record your own videos. Make use of what you have,” he said.

DJ Fresh also spoke about the importance of networking, highlighting that artists can do so much more if they collaborated with each other.

“There is nothing more powerful and more fulfilling than helping a young artist, who then becomes more successful.”

PROUD: DJ Fresh’s parents

For his part, Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for State President, Oshinka Tsiang, challenged artists to think globally and be game changers.

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“I dare you to look beyond the borders. When you flourish and help others, that is when your value is realised and you find joy. Please take advantage of opportunities coming your way to earn a living,” said Tsiang.

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