Bafazi cyclists hit the road

Daniel Chida
TO THE RESCUE: Bafazi crew

Bafazi, a movement of female cyclists based in Botswana and South Africa, will ride to the rescue next Saturday, donating stationary to students at Letlole Primary School in Mmankgodi.

The group describe themselves as ‘a blossoming sisterhood’ that evolved from a virtual cycling camaraderie.

As well as the handover, the ladies will take to their bikes over two distances, 60km and 120km, starting and finishing in Gaborone.

Gearing up for the big day, Botswana Bafazi leader, Sharon Mahube-Sebeo, explained that while this is a women’s initiative, men who wish to join the cycle are more than welcome.

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“This will be the second Bafazi cycling event. We are thrilled to have an opportunity to contribute positively to society in partnership with individuals and businesses with the same corporate responsibility initiatives,” said Mahube-Sebeo.

Participants at the Bafazi Botswana Tour 2022 met on a virtual cycling application during the first Covid-19 lockdown two years ago.

Desperate for their cycling fix, with lockdown looming, the ladies rushed out to buy indoor trainers and downloaded the app ‘Zwift’.

“One could just ‘cycle in France’ from the comfort of their own home. They could wear different outfits via an avatar and cycle to any destination; this brought out the inner child as it felt like playing a video game and also benefitted our mental health,” said Mahube-Sebeo, a Physiotherapist by profession.

In 2021, a group of South African women crossed into Gaborone to meet their Batswana counterparts. They cycled around the greater Gaborone area and agreed on making this an annual event: to grow a movement and give back to the community.

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