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Kabelo Dipholo

Playtime with Max Playtime with Max


Conquering football In football circles, he's one of the most enterprising and shrewd administrators. From the moment he was elected Chairman of Zebras Supporters...


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Jealous man shoots rival, lands lover in hospital A shooting incident at Moletamane Primary school that left a farmer dead and a teacher fighting...

FEARSOME MAN: Gabosekegwe FEARSOME MAN: Gabosekegwe

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G-WAWA THE FEARED MACHETE MAN LANDS TWO IN HOSPITAL A survivor of a bloody fight in Rakops has accused the police of protecting a...

IN SAFE HANDS: The two siblings who went missing IN SAFE HANDS: The two siblings who went missing

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No parental negligence in missing Monarch babies Police have offered support and counselling to the parents of the two kids who went missing on...

Blasting is his game Blasting is his game


He is the Managing Director of one of Botswana's leading explosives and blasting engineering companies, Marung Development Services (MDS). Born and raised in Tonota,...

ROOFING CONCERN: Prophets fighting the thokolosi ROOFING CONCERN: Prophets fighting the thokolosi

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Tobane exorcism captures many's imagination Clad in purple and blue capes, a team of young men apparently full of the Holy Spirit glided into...

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Former Veterinary employee demands over P300 000 in unpaid allowances For 36 years Mothobi Loeto was a loyal employee of Veterinary Services. For a...

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