Amari’s flowing fortunes

Kabelo Dipholo
DONE DEAL: Monyatsi flanked by Amari's parents, Sokesi and Berry Heart
Celebrity baby gets Whistler Beverages endorsement

One-year-old Amari has already achieved more in his short life than many manage in their lifetime.

At just five months old, the little boy already had his own clothing line and a Facebook account that now boasts 26, 000 followers.

Born to the celebrity couple, Keotshephile ‘Berry Heart’ Motseonageng and her partner Brian Sokesi, Baby Amari turned one in style this Monday. The birthday boy was unveiled as the brand ambassador of Whistler Beverages.

Founded by Chawa Monyatsi two years ago, the premium bottled water brand is committed to supplying clean, safe, and affordable water in line with sustainable development goals.

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The company offers both still and sparkling water, purified ice and plan to launch Whistler flavoured water soon.

Speaking to Voice Money this week, Monyatsi explained the name ‘Whistler’ comes from the rainforest bird found mostly in Australasia.

“The name reflects the company’s role as a guardian of sustainable resources and a provider of fresh, clean water,” declared the trained accountant.

As for the high-profile new face of Whistler Beverages, Monyatsi noted it was a case of two brands uniting.

“I’m excited to have Baby Amari as our brand ambassador to lead this company as we begin a new chapter together to build a rich heritage of our historic, iconic beloved brands,” she stated.

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Amari's flowing fortunes

“We see significant opportunities to further market our brand and are proud to announce that Whistler is compliant to international standards of bottled water, assuring consumers of the safety of its products that go under vigorous filtration processes,” added Monyatsi.

For her part, doting mother Berry Heart expressed delight that corporates are finally starting to see what she’s trying to do with her son, and are willing to buy into the dream.

“He’s literally the youngest Chief Executive Officer and employee,” quipped the proud mum.

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“Amari’s endorsement deal is a legacy and a kids empowerment initiative that’ll have far-reaching benefits. I’ve always been about women’s and children’s rights and empowerment. So what I’m doing here is to secure my son’s future at an early age,” she added, happily noting, “With endorsements like this one, it means his school fees are already paid!”

The poet and founder of Berry Heart Creations said she hopes more companies will come on board and partner with her already famous one-year-old son.

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