Abuse and infidelity tears power couple apart

Francinah Baaitse
SPLITTING: Mmutsi and Modise are headed for divorce

One of Maun’s prominent power couples, Mmutsi and Modise Batlhalefeng, is on the verge of a bitter divorce.

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The couple, well-known for their diverse property holdings both in and outside of Maun, including Star Bar in Newtown, rental houses, and farms, will hear the judgment on their divorce case at the Maun customary court tomorrow (Tuesday).

The divorce case, filed by the wife, has been primarily motivated by allegations of abuse and infidelity, leading her to lose affection for her husband after 28 years of marriage.

Mmutsi, 47, cited her husband’s alleged infidelity and fathering children outside of wedlock as a significant factor contributing to the deterioration of their marriage.

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She told the court, “He has fathered children outside wedlock, and he says he does not understand why I am not accepting those children because women also have children who were not fathered by their husbands.”

She also revealed that her husband had refused to undergo DNA tests for their three children, despite his suspicions about their parentage.

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Moreover, the wife elaborated on the extensive history of abuse in their relationship, asserting that her husband’s possessiveness had stifled her freedom. She stated, “He does not want me to keep friends, go to funerals, or attend church unless he drives me there.”

The wife recounted a period when she ran away from home but returned after a family discussion.

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However, her husband began accusing her of using witchcraft by placing “muti” on their bed to harm him.

This led to further allegations, including accusations of witchcraft in relation to their ailing child.

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Fed up with these conditions, the wife left her matrimonial home in July 2022 and filed for divorce.

The divorce proceedings began in August this year, marked by multiple postponements.

The husband, Batlhalefeng, has been surprised by the divorce filing, with their differences intensifying in 2021.

He pointed to a sudden change in his wife’s behaviour during that time, with increasing disrespect and a refusal to communicate about her plans.

He expressed a desire to spend more quality time together as they shifted their focus to their business and their family’s well-being.

Additionally, he noted the wife’s secretive behavior regarding her tuckshop, which he says he was never allowed to enter.

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