Women golfers missing in action

Tshepo Kehimile
Women golfers missing in action

Botswana Golf Union (BGU) President Enoch Mushango has bemoaned the dwindling number of women golfers in the country.

The President told Voice Sport that the few who are active only compete on social games rather than competitive national tournaments which can ultimately enhance their capabilities.

“Only five women golfers from Gaborone participate in BGU tournaments, and amongst them there is only one championship player as the other one is studying abroad,” he said.

According to Mushango, the uptake of girls by golf in the country is very slow.

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He however said Excel Golf is doing very well in terms of grassroots developments, “We are seeing more little ones coming up as their interest in the sport continues to grow,” he said, adding that in the past they realised that more girls fell off the programme as they had nowhere to go.

“Furthermore, golf sport is very expensive for parents, hence the need to come up with a different approach to meet them halfway,” Mushango said.

He further highlighted that golf was traditionally made for men thus becoming problematic to smoothly incorporate women into the sport, ”When ladies showed interest in the sport, they were already outnumbered, discriminated and eventually not voted into club committees which is very bad,” he said.

Meanwhile, BGU President said golfing population in the country is very small and the sport is funded by the government.

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