Santa goes to delta

Cathrine Moemedi

Maun land tribunal spread the christmas cheer with food hampers

As Christmas Day fast approaches,42-year-old physically handicapped David Ogwe is becoming even more aware of his poverty as consumerism reaches pick level during the festive holidays.

His anxiety was mounting as he tried to figure out where his next meal, let alone Christmas meal would come from but as luck would have it, Ogwe has become one of the beneficiaries of 10 food hampers donated by Maun Land Tribunal To some of the residents of Khwai settlement last week.

According to Ogwe the food hampers came in handy as he has no means of survival ever since he was assaulted by hospital security guards in Maun leaving him handicapped and unable to provide for himself.

“I have no job and I do not do anything for a living. I fainted in Khwai only to wake up in a hospital bed, waking up disoriented and not knowing where I was. I woke up from my bed and walked outside. As soon as the guards saw me, they beat me up so badly thinking I wanted to escape, leaving me in this condition that I now have to depend on other people, ” explained Ogwe, adding that he thanks the Land Tribunal for having remembered them in their times of need.

Another beneficiary, 59-year-old Boithato Sango could not hide her excitement as she informed Okavango Voice that for once, like many other residents she has also benefited from food hampers donated by good samaritans in their poverty-stricken community.

Santa goes to delta
EXCITED: Boithato Sango

“Times are hard , back in the day we would feast on wild animals but today you kill an animal you rot in jail. All of us here rely on Ipelegeng, however this month my husband has not been called to work.” said Sango, adding that the tuck shop owners can only give you their goods on credit when they know for sure that you are hired at Ipelegeng and you would be able to pay them.

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For his part Maun Land Tribunal President, Tebogo Martin Masala revealed that they got to know about Khwai when they heard a land dispute case in Khwai not so long ago.

“We decided that as we will be celebrating our Christmas party it would be fitting for us to remember those in need so that they can celebrate this festive holiday like everyone else,” said Masala.

Santa goes to delta

Giving a vote of thanks on behalf of the beneficiaries, Kgosi Morafe Motlhala expressed his gratitude for the kind gesture and implored Maun Land Tribunal to continue assisting Khwai residents in any way they can.

Khwai Social welfare officer, Poifo urged the beneficiaries to share with others who are in need as everyone is equally yoked with poverty in their communities.

“The schools have closed , children are now back home and food consumption has also increased in households. If one of you asks for a bowl of mealie meal, be kind enough to share because it is hard for all of us, ” said Poifo.

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