Property investment redefined

Tshepo Kehimile
INSTACABIN OWNER: Dikgang Phillip Makgalemele
  • Instacabin fills gap in the accommodation market

Are you trying to solve accommodation needs with a limited budget? Worry not!

Edingley PTY LTd, trading as INSTACABIN has got you covered through their custom built prefabricated structures manufactured for variety of use such as site office, security cabin, accommodation, storage, toilets etc.

Portable cabins are an affordable alternative to traditional buildings, and of course, they offer a flexible solution where accommodation is required for an uncertain period of time.

As he is at an advanced stage for a 100% citizen ownership through a management buy out process as approved by the shareholder, local entrepreneur, Dikgang Phillip Makgalemele is confident of taking INSTACABIN located in Mmamashia in the Kgatleng regions to greater heights.

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Giving a brief background of how INSTACABIN came into existence, Makgalemele said Thomas Joseph Shanahan, a former employee of then Builders Merchants Botswana (BMB), started the company 14 years ago.

Property investment redefined
UNDERWAY: Manufacturing process of cabins

Makgalemele who took over as general manager and managing director designate in July, 2021 to date explained that their wide range of products include: Porta Cabins – open plan; Offices; Classrooms, Libraries and Laboratories; Clinics; Farm Houses; Tuck Shops; Guard Rooms; Prefab Houses; Cold Rooms; Kitchens; Dog Kennels; Operating Spaces for Women and Youth in business; and businesses in general.

“These can be acquired through an outright purchase, on a rental basis or a rent to buy basis,” he said.

According to Makgalemele, INSTACABIN services include Maintenance of porta cabins and related products; transportation of porta cabins; moving/relocation of porta cabins; storage and forklift hire.

“Through our research and development function, we engage with the economy to provide solutions in our business operating space. We service various sectors of the economy including Mining, Education, Health, Construction, Technology Development, Security, and Tourism.

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All these are reached at through the private sector, Central Government and her companies and parastatals, Local Government, Development Agencies, Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs),” Makgalemele further explained.

“Challenges facing the business have been diverse, but the following stand out: imports despite us manufacturing locally; the noncitizen ownership of the business – hence the move for a management buy-out; and competition.

The Porta cabins value chain business is quite substantial, especially if we can speak in one voice and support Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) and other citizen empowerment initiatives,” said the man tasked with providing strategic direction and growth.

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Property investment redefined

The company has technical citizen staff and occasionally sub contracts their services when the workload so demands.
“The concept allows us to create more jobs in the process. We are working on collaboration with the technical education sector,” revealed Makgalemele.

The MD holds a Masters in Poverty Reduction and Development Management at the University of Birmingham in United Kingdom (UK).

He has also previously served as Managing Director of Medical Rescue International Botswana (MRIB), a listed company on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE).’

“Our dream is to have our company supporting Government efforts for an export led economy, hence our recent efforts to penetrate the regional market.
Once that is achieved we start my long-term dream of listing in the BSE,” he said.

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