Celeb Edition with Dintle

Kitso Ramono
YOUNG VETERAN: Dintleonthetrack has already made his mark

Dintleonthetrack first started putting tracks together when he was just 10 years old – an age when some of us still have trouble tying our shoelaces!

Best known for his moving RNB love ballads, which got ladies young and old in the mood, the versatile muso is now making a name for himself as a producer.

Let’s meet the man behind the legend…

Who is Dintleonthetrack and what does he do?

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Dintle Balole, better known as Dintleonthetrack, is a 22-year-old multifaceted artist hailing from Oodi and currently based in Gaborone.

I am a producer, artist, songwriter, and captivating live performer.

For such a young man, seems like you’ve been in music for the longest time. When did this journey start and what inspired you?

I started off in 2012 as a deejay.

I wouldn’t consider it serious but that was the start of something.

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I then ventured into production.

Inspiration came from my dad always playing the piano for me in my childhood days.

So can I safely assume your parents supported your decision to pursue music as a career?

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Honestly, I’d like to believe I was fortunate enough to have parents who were determined to support my musical journey from the jump.

But like any other parent, the expected me to keep a good academic performance.

My parents have always been supportive.

I remember this one time using headsets to record until my dad vowed to buy me some recording equipment and he did.

As a singer, you’re best known for your love songs. What was the inspiration behind them, seeing as you were still a teenager when you penned these hits?

I’d get inspiration from my everyday experiences about love.

Might be something I went through myself, or a friend’s experience, or just someone I know.

That’s just how I made my RNB love songs; I got the content around me.

Your name often pops up in local projects, like ATI’s soon-to-be-released single ‘Nama Mogodu’, where you are acknowledged as the producer. When did you start producing?

Back in 2014 I transitioned into producing after deejaying for a short while.

By then I had a laptop, so I’d always watch YouTube tutorials and try imitate what they are doing.

As time went on I could create my own beats from scratch without having to use tutorials.

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So I guess it’s a practice thing.

Producing was my first love before I could even imagine making my own songs.

So with ATI, he had always known me as a producer, than vocalist coz I used to reach out to him since 2015 trying to work together so it was bound to happen.

We have more songs when I also feature as a vocalist.

Any projects in the pipeline?

I actually just released a single, ‘Addicted’ with Baksten Chance and Dlozinyana; please do check it out.

Which local artist would you like to collaborate with?

I’d like to collaborate with HanC and anyone who’s dope really, and actually putting in the work.

I think HanC and I would blend in so well in a song – that’s one of the collaborations that not only I want to see, but the people also.

What are your current thoughts on BW’s entertainment space?

There’s a lot of promising talent in BW’s entertainment space, especially now – but again the industry remains stagnant coz it doesn’t carry them.

This is why some of these talented people end up finding jobs, going back to school and stuff like that.

It’s not easy being in the BW entertainment space.

Five things people don’t know about you?

1. I was actually deejaying before production
2. I do not watch football though I enjoy playing it
3. My artistry isn’t just through music. I have also drawn since a young age
4. I freestyle most of my songs on the mic
5. I designed most of my previous music cover arts

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