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ALL ABOARD: The new Ford Territory SUV

Entering new territory with the Ford Territory SUV

Traditionally, Saturday mornings are reserved for more relaxed pastimes, with family shopping, house cleaning, watching TV and nursing hangovers some of the common activities.

However, this weekend, Barloworld treated Ford lovers and motoring fanatics to something out of the ordinary, something to really get the heart rate pumping: the official unveiling of the new Ford Territory SUV, the first-of-its-kind in the country.

As people and potential buyers converged on Barloworld’s Gaborone showroom for the exciting reveal, the big moment did not disappoint.

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Beneath the black cloth emerged a sleek, powerful machine that caused an audible gasp of admiration from the impressed crowd.

This is one impressive looking car, a real work of art!

With a smooth exterior, the design of the SUV is sure to turn heads. Especially eye-catching is the unique grill, with headlights, fog lights and the fender complementing each other well.

However, it is inside the vehicle where the Ford Territory really comes into its own.

Spacious, the car oozes comfort, ideal for long, strenous journeys.

The gear stick has been replaced by a knob – the type ma74 bonded with through radio sets of their time. The dashboard is touch screen, with everything controlled from the finger tip. The sunroof is simply stunning.

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A number of features have been added to assist the driver, including: cruise control, rear-view camera, parking sensors on both the front and rear end and hill-start assist.

Looking is one thing, but to truly appreciate the car, one has to feel it.

Fortunately, Barloword planned just that, organising a test drive to Mmokolodi junction.

With the car needing just 10 seconds to hit the 120km/hr mark, the 20km journey was over far too quickly, whizzing by in a pleasant haze.

Such is the level of comfort and luxury offered by the SUV, it felt like one was aboard a private jet as we sped down the A1.

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“The test drive should be extended to Mafikeng,” suggested one potential buyer, who will have to find P500, 000 if they want the car to be theirs.

“I’m gonna convince my wife that we rob a bank for this one,” joked another, while I started thinking up reasons to convince my editor I deserve a pay rise.

Yeah, that’s the feeling one gets when they see and experience the Ford Territory; truly a new territory in motoring.

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