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SUPPORTIVE: Boko behind mother's political decision

Boko fully supports her mother’s return to the BDP

Former Mahalapye East Member of Parliament who recently quit the legislative house and active politics says the visible political divide in his family is in no way threatening relations in his family.

Speaking from his home in Gaborone, a month after resigning from Parliament and a day after his mother was welcomed back to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP, Boko told The Voice Online that, “The Boko family is united and fine. If there is anything that suggests that we are not united, it is only the perception of some people, which they are allowed to sustain. Political differences have never dismantled families in Botswana,” he said.

Boko represented Mahalapye East constituency under the main opposition party;Umbrella For Democratic Change (UDC).

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He said that whilst he will not be contesting a political seat anytime soon, he wants to focus on his career as an attorney and that he supports his mother’s move to the BDP since she was exercising her right to freedom of association.

Gertrude Boko was welcomed to the BDP by the Chairperson of the BDP Women’s Peggy Serame last week Thursday.

“Remember, my mother supported me when I contested for the Mahalapye East constituency under the UDC, so I fully support her decision to join the BDP,” he added.

Boko added that he is enjoying fresh air outside politics and would wish to stay out of limelight as much as possible.

He said that the hectic life of politics is behind him but reminisces the good times he had whenever he found an opportunity to interact with his constituents.

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