Police yet to release forensic results in Boatlaname triple murder

Gofaone Koogotsitse
IN TROUBLE: Katlego Rakola and Basebonye Rakola

It has been four months since the decomposed bodies of 9 year old boys of Boatlaname village in Kweneng District were retrieved from a tightly closed water container near a kraal at Dithoteng lands, subsequently leading to the arrest of a 79 year old farm owner and his two sons.

However the police are yet to produce a forensic report that would be needed when the case against father and sons goes to trial.

The 79 year old Rakola John Rakola of Dithoteng lands, Basebonye Rakola, 50 who resides in Francistown-Selepa ward and his younger brother , 32 year old Katlego Rakola who stays at Broahurst location in Ganborone are the suspects in the three murder cases of standard 4 learners, Phenyo Ratlhaga, his cousin Mmelili Ratlhaga and their neighbour Pako Mokgalagadi.

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When giving update in court last week Tuesday, Inspector Thema Marumolo on behalf of the prosecutor in the matter, Sub Inspector Maureen Segokgo, told the court that the police forensic laboratory results were not yet ready.

While the first accused, the father, Rakokola Rakola, opted to remain silent, his sons Katlego and Basebonye pleaded that their mobile phones which were taken by the police shortly after their arrest be returned to them.

“My phones have been seized for investigations, this has stopped certain things in my life and nothing is being mentioned about them right now,” pleaded Katlego.

His brother Basebonye only asked as to when their phones will be returned to them.

Chief Magistrate Gaseitsiwe Tonoki explained that the police are allowed to keep the said phones until they complete the investigations and that if they are not part of the case exhibits, then they can be released back to the owners.

The trio who are on bail quietly left the court accompanied by their relatives after the court announced the next mention to be on August 24th, 2024.

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They stand accused of killing the three boys whose lifeless and decomposed bodies were discovered inside a tightly sealed 1000 litre empty plastic water container near Rakola’s kraal in Dithoteng lands, approximately 3 kilometers from Boatlaname on December 29th, 2023.

The boys are said to have left home the previous day, December 28th, in company of the other boy’s father who had to do a temporary job at Rakola’s cattlepost.

The man allegedly left teh boys at a certain Mokenti’s place where they were later reported missing. Following a thorough search, they were discovered dead the following day

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