Parental blues

Daniel Chida
BABY DADDY : Dr Kopano Ramotlabaki

Mother accuses baby dad of negligence

She is failing as a mother- Father

A concerned mother is threatening to take the father of her baby, Dr Kopano Ramotlabaki, 38, to court for refusing to hand back their child following the alleged failure of the child’s dad to take care of the standard three schoolgirl.

The mother, Mosiame Sego, 38, claims that although the baby daddy has lived with his child for the past eight years, he did not take care of the 8-year old satisfactorily .

Singing her motherhood blues , Sego said that after their child was born, she struggled to provide for the her as Ramotlabaki was an absent father, which forced her to open a maintenance case in court.

“When the child was eight months he proposed to take her to his place and because I was struggling and he was not there to provide, I agreed but things changed for the worst. He became abusive to me every time I paid them a visit to check on the baby. I was forced to check on the baby through phone calls but still he insulted me all the time and didn’t want anything to do with me.”

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Sego who is based in Palapye said that the baby visited her during the past school vacation and the condition in which she was in when she arrived made it clear to her that she was neglected.

“We tried to ask for a transfer but we were turned down because there are pending school fees to be paid. She has no clothes, only one pair of shoes, he is neglecting and preferring his other kids over her, she cannot continue to live like that,” said the distraught mother who alleges that when Ramotlabaki took the child, he had promised to enrol her in a private school but she was surprised when he took her to a government School.

“That didn’t bother me much but the situation which my child has been subjected to, is worrisome. I wanted to take her to my mother in Mahalapye but we are stuck because her father is not cooperating.”

However, Ramotlabaki dismissed his ex-girlfriend’s grievances as petty talk, saying he was providing for all children. The father of seven demanded to know why Sego wanted to send the child to Mahalapye instead taking her to Palapye where she lives to stay with her.

“I don’t have time for stories and if she wants to take the child she should take her to Palapye not Mahalapye, why send her away to the granny? She is failing as a mother and that is why I took the child from her. Mo reyeng a motseye ee,” he responded angrily. “There won’t be any transfer and I am sending them transport fare for my child to come back home in Gaborone,”said Ramotlabaki

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