MC Maswe ventures into politics

Christinah Motlhabane
STRIDING INTO POLITICS: There's a new kid on the block!

Veteran artists sings a new tune

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Known for belting out hits on stage, music legend, MC Maswe, is hoping it will be the people’s turn to sing his name as he joins the wacky world of politics.

Outspoken, fiery, with a love for the theatrical and blessed with the ability to woo a crowd, the 50-year-old Mbaqanga artist will be a colourful addition to the political arena.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice this week, the Francistown-based musician explained his political aspirations were driven by a desperation to give back to the people and extend a helping hand to society.

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“As many describe me as a Good Samaritan who does not want to see anyone suffering, I thought as a Councillor it would be easy for me to help people as it will be easy for them to locate me,” explained the veteran MC, born Thapelo Maleka.

Keeping the people guessing, MC Maswe maintained he was undecided on which party to join, hinting that he might even go it alone and stand as an Independent candidate in the 2024 general elections.

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The ‘Chisungu’ hit-maker plans to make his political bow in either Tatisiding or the second city’s Gerald Estates, where he has a formidable fan base.

Inspired by heavyweights such as Sir Seretse Khama and Nelson Mandela, ‘who fought for their people’, Maswe says he intends to follow their example and put the people first.

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“The situations I encounter in my day-to-day life force me to join politics. People are suffering out there; they need me to speak for them. I want to engage with people and also help them. And again, I am no longer a public officer so I want to serve the community, poor and rich because I am a giver,” stated Maswe, who left Water Utilities last year after 15 years with the parastatal.

Already speaking like a seasoned politician, the silver-tongued singer added, “If I succeed in my quest for political office, I want to die for the electorates by giving. Though it is hard, I will fight hard!

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“I don’t live with fear as a born-again Christian. With politics I know it is win or lose – but after losing it does not mean giving up but a learning curve, so no matter the outcome I won’t give up!”

Although the country does not go to the polls for another three years, MC Maswe is already gearing for the fight – although he promises there will be no low blows from him!

“I am looking forward to the elections as I want to express my freedom of speech in a good way, not meaning insulting people. And I know it needs someone who can stand being insulted; just like Jesus Christ I, won’t even insult my opponent but show the electorates the right path by speaking the reality.”

As a long standing member of the music industry, a key part of Maswe’s campaign will include speaking up for the creative arts.

“I will enlighten government that the arts are very important as someone can survive from them and change the economy.”

As for fans afraid his new political ambition might spell the end of his glorious music career, the star had a special message.

“I will never stop making music. Even when I am a Councillor, I will continue mesmerizing the masses,” declared MC Maswe with a beaming smile.

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