Maun senior ready for tourism students

Cathrine Moemedi
PREPARING FOR TOURISM: Maun Senior Secondary School

Following its selection as the pilot project for multiple pathways under Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) last year, Maun Senior Secondary School has been working around the clock to prepare new TVTE classes.

The school was selected to offer tourism and hospitality studies.

School Head, Lekala Legwaila said the building of the tourism and hospitality studies training facilities is at an advanced stage.

“The building is at an advanced level and the infrastructure renovation of the school is ongoing while the burnt school hall renovation tender is still floating,” explained Legwaila.

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According to Legwaila, a total of 1, 327 learners have been profiled, 481 qualified for vocational pathway, 631 academics while the remaining 215 are set for direct vocational education.

“We are currently working on placement. Further screening will be done depending on the numbers we get after the results have been released,” said Legwaila.

Although the facilities are yet to be completed the school management has decided to use the existing facilities in the meantime.

“The first term does not have any practical activities. We will therefore use the existing school facilities while the building project is being completed,” Legwaila said.

The procurement of equipment has started and companies have already started to deliver while kitchen equipment tender is said to be at an adjudication stage.

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Legwaila has urged more teachers to register for accreditation.

Maun Senior Secondary School was selected along with Moeng College, which will focus on Agriculture related studies. Similar TVET programmes are yet to roll out to other schools.

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