Child molester locked up for 10 years

CAMERA SHY: Thabo Keotlogetse

A 23-year-old young man of Maboane village in Kweneng west was on Tuesday sent to prison for 10 years for molesting a child five years ago.

The sentence was backdated to December 12th, 2019 when his remand after his bail was revoked for failing to attend court.

The rapist, Thabo Keotlogetse commonly known as Lori in the village, violated a 14-year-old girl on January 28th, 2017.

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The court heard that on her way to Queens Bar the girl met Keotlogetse who dragged her to his place and raped her.

She only escaped later on in the night when she told the man that she needed to go to the toilet outside and he allowed her only for her to run away naked.

In mitigation, Keotlogetse asked the court to be linient on him because he was already in jail during trial.

“I have noted and considered your mitigation, there is nothing of exceptional extenuating circumstances. The offence you committed is frequent, especially in Kweneng. It is also disheartening that you committed the offence at a tender age of 19. My hope is you turn a new leaf and change from these past mistakes of yours,” said Magistrate Kefilwe Resheng before sending Keotlogetse to jail.

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