Masisi celebrates Annah Mokgethi’s victory

Daniel Chida
ALL SMILES: Masisi GIANT SLAYER: Mokgethi (inset)

Armchair analysts and social media commentators had not given her much of a chance against the much fancied, self proclaimed ‘Gladiator’, Duma Boko.

But against the odds, Annah Mokgethi did not only sweep the Gaborone Bonnington North constituency from under the feet of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader, she also gave her boss, President Mokgweetsi Masisi, a reason to celebrate.

Mokgethi was singled out by Masisi during the Botswana Democratic Party’s post elections press conference at Tlotlo hotel on Saturday.

“I must give special thanks to a woman who worked tirelessly and under a lot of pressure and very patiently tolerated a lot of nagging on our part, that is Annah Mokgethi. I suspect she was in the organising committee for the biggest blue farewell party because she sent dear Advocate Gideon Duma Boko where he belongs,” said Masisi.

The BDP President continued, “You did it for Botswana, you did it for the BDP, you did it for the residents of Gaborone Bonnington North, I commend you.”

Masisi said that it was very important and instructive in that she also got a lot of help, although not public, from the members of the UDC themselves in dislodging Boko.

“Hopefully the UDC will find a better leader. I’m also appealing for my own sake, if you don’t have sufficient competition, you might get a little rusty, so I’m asking them to up the game so we do better,” he added.

However, when asked by The Voice Online on how she felt, the elated Mokgethi said that the victory meant a lot for her and Masisi. “You must bear in mind that both HE and I were Boko’s contenders. So my win means a lot to HE. On top of that the fall of Boko as leader of the biggest coalition party is a great victory for the entire BDP. It’s no small feat.”

Mokgethi won the elections with 6 933 votes with Boko coming second with 4495 and Alliance for Progressives with 1057.

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