Mascom Launches MyZakaPay

MY ZAKA PAY: Business transactions at the finger tip (Pic credit: Mmegi)

Aims for cashless and cardless society

The country’s leading mobile service provider Mascom has launched MyZakaPay as an upgraded version of its digital financial service MyZaka which has been around for close to a decade.

The digital payment service is designed to transform the payment experience for customers and merchants alike as it offers a user friendly and widely accessible platform. It allows users to make seamless transactions for goods and services directly from their phones and is currently available through USSD, and other channels to follow.

“In a world increasingly driven by digital transactions, Mascom recognizes the importance of financial inclusion for all individuals, especially the unbanked and underbanked population. MyZakaPay bridges the gap between those without access to traditional banking services and the advantages of electronic transactions, empowering them to actively participate in the modern economy with the added benefits of convenience and security,” reads a press release from Mascom.

Mascom Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Boipelo Matenge, added that MyZakaPay marks a milestone with a revolutionary advancement to the MyZaka offering and that it promises to strengthen the digital ecosystem and afford Batswana the benefits of being a cashless and cardless society.

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“MyZakaPay is not limited to specific industries: it covers a broad spectrum of merchant categories, making it a versatile solution for various needs. Customers can use MyZakaPay for a wide range of purposes, including paying salaries for field workers, facilitating school fees payment, purchasing goods and services, and streamlining payments for health facilities, among others,” says a press release from the company.

Matenge said that to promote widespread adoption and usage of MyZakaPay, Mascom is collaborating with a wide range of merchants, both large and small, to ensure extensive coverage across the country.

“By partnering with various businesses, including retailers, food vendors, and service providers, Mascom aims to establish MyZakaPay as a widely accepted and trusted payment method in the market. The service is set to empower individuals and businesses, fostering a more connected and prosperous society,” reads the press statement from Mascom.

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