Marekisetso to end the year with a bang

Tshepo Kehimile

The fourth and last edition of the popular Marekisetso market place for the year 2021 is to be held at Cresta Lodge in Gaborone this Saturday, the 18th of December.

Speaking to The Voice, Marekisetso marketing promoter Rahman El- Kindy explained that, “Marekisetso is a market place for cottage industry – these are businesses or manufacturing activities carried on in people’s homes and they have not been having a place where they could market or sell their products hence why I started this market.”

All Marekisetso previous events, El Kindy said have been held at Cresta Lodge where many cottage industry people booked stalls for as little as P100.00 to showcase and sell their various products.

Rahman El-Kindy
Rahman El-Kindy


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“We expect to host our fourth Marekisetso market place this Saturday since its inception back in September 2021. It has grown tremendously as we started from 20 stalls to 55 now, and I am happy with how Batswana are reacting to this idea as it is bound to improve their livelihoods,” said El-Kindiy.

According to El-Kindiy, his biggest mandate is to eradicate poverty rather than make a profit.

”Our biggest mandate is to help Batswana improve their well-being rather than focusing on profits for now, however, I am hoping to benefit from all this one-day,” he said.

Furthermore, having been in this industry for a long time, I thought it was time to give back to the community by promoting ambitious individuals with product development and placement. I also connect them with big retail outlets so that their products can find space in those particular shops,” he said.

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