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PPC launches ‘A Re Ageng’ campaign

  1. In a bid to get the people building, the country’s leading cement producer, PPC Botswana officially launched its ‘A Re Ageng’ campaign in Molepolole last week.

The initiative, unveiled at Chanya Construction, seeks to inspire Batswana to become property owners by offering cement at cheaper prices.

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The scheme will initially run for a six-month trial period. If successful, it will continue for another six months and then, if demand commands it, be extended for a further two years.

Unpacking the campaign, PPC General Manager, Tuelo Botlhole noted ‘A Re Ageng’ s in line with President Mokgwetsi Masisi’s call for mindset change, which includes having more Batswana owning their own houses.

“This campaign aligns very well with our objectives as PPC to reposition the company as Botswana’s national strategic asset. There is no greater dignity than having your own residence. Therefore, as PPC, we intend to spread the message countrywide to encourage Batswana to build, engage and strengthen relationships with various stakeholders for the campaign’s benefit,” he said.

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Currently the project is limited to Chanya Construction, although Botlhole revealed PPC hope to introduce it in the Kgalagadi and Francistown areas soon.

“We will target the retail segment, including shops such as Builders World, Cash Build and others, where we get into the shop and negotiate for partnerships based on the number of people we’ve identified in a particular area – then the shop opens an account and offers them preferential prices. We will also focus on those doing bricks, pavements and other businesses, creating a one-stop shop for convenience and making sure they also get affordable prices,” continued Botlhole, adding the holistic campaign will even see PPC engaging with Land Board officials in cases of plot shortages.

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For his part, Chanya Construction owner, Dr Nyangwara endorsed the campaign and predicted it would contribute massively to the country’s economy and development.

“It will also help my business and others to produce quality bricks at affordable cement prices,” he concluded.

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