Kgale Lodge supports fight against GBV

Leungo Mokgwathi
HAND THAT GIVETH: Poloko (r) receiving the donation

This morning, the Botswana GBV Prevention and Support Centre (BGBVC) received a five thousand Pula donation from Kgale Lodge to support the continuation of its mandate to eliminate gender based violence in Botswana.

“There has been an unprecedented increase in GBV worldwide, which is a cause for concern. After appreciating the work that the Centre does, we felt compelled to lend a helping hand,” explain the donor.

The Mission of Botswana GBV Prevention and Support Centre is to support women, men, girls and boys experiencing and affected by GBV in Botswana by providing temporary shelter, counselling, community outreach and education, and staff and volunteer development as well as conducting research.

“BGBVC intentions are to create a society that is well vested in the complexities of gender issues and is more tolerant and free from gender based violence as well as provide support to those many men, women and children who suffer gender based violence,” said the organisation’s Programmes Director Kabelo Poloko.

According to Poloko, the donated cash will go towards operational costs associated with running the shelter. “We appreciate such gestures because they demonstrate to us the community’s commitment to joining us in this fight.”

The donation comes at a time when the organisation’s ability to protect GBV victims is under scrutiny following an incident where a woman who sought counselling services was killed by her lover at the centre.

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“The incident has nothing to do with service delivery, but goes to show just how vulnerable women are, regardless of where they are and who they are with.” He assured that the centre remains a safe haven for GBV victims.

He further encouraged more donors to come to their assistance by making donations or volunteering their time and skills.

BGBVC has centers in Gaborone, Charleshill, Gantsi, Kasane, Sebina, Selebi Phikwe, Serowe, Thamaga and Molepolole

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