‘I’m not mad but I am sorry!’



Following recent concerns over his mental stability, the leader of fringe political group, Honour for Batswana, Washington Taylor, insists he is not mad.

As well as declaring his sanity, the eccentric 36-year-old politician turned up at The Voice’s Maun offices this week to apologise for his controversial remarks about former Minister of Trade and Investment, Bogolo Kenewendo.

Taylor has a pending case before the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) over a Facebook post in which he insinuated Kenewendo had slept her way to the top.

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He had further alleged it was possible the former specially elected Member of Parliament (MP) dished out sexual favours to President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

COMFORMING UNCLE: Monnawatau believes his nephew is in sane

Appearing remorseful and slightly shaken, Taylor told Okavango Voice he had not meant to insult anyone.

“I was only trying to stress a point on the importance of sex in personal development and contribution to the country’s economy. I used allegations about Kenewendo as an example. The intention was not to insult or hurt her,” he maintained.

“I wish to apologise to Kenewendo and the President for such an unfortunate statement. I really did not indeed to hurt their feelings or character!” reiterated Taylor.

The post was made in September and the police have since confiscated his laptop.

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Asked whether he has undergone any psychiatric tests, Taylor insisted that he is very much sane.

“It is only that people misunderstand me. I am also trying to choose polite words. I have come to realise that some people are very sensitive to certain expressions!”

Backing up his nephew’s diagnosis, Taylor’s uncle, Setsile Monnawatau believes his young relative is not mad and attributes his ‘harsh words’ to depression.

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“I consulted the traditional herbalists and they all insist that he is not mad. I have taken him to the prophets as well and they hold the same opinion. All they are saying is that he has too much stress,” Monnawatau explained, adding that his nephew was extremely intelligent and possessed a very high IQ.

“When he was a young boy, he made a calculator. He is a very smart head. The only spoiler is that he does not know how to use polite words when he conveys his political messages. He always ends up insulting people, including honourable ministers. He seems to attract trouble whenever he talks in public,” admitted the older man.


Taylor’s previous brushes with the law include a famous incident from 2016, when he declared he was inventing a sex machine.

“I had to put the idea aside because the police threatened to lock me up. Sex toys are forbidden within the borders of Botswana!” he added solemnly.

Despite his denials, Taylor’s mother, Thokomelang Sepopo is adamant her boy is mentally messed up.

“He is my son and from all the nonsense he speaks, I know something is amiss.”

The family says Taylor refuses to be taken for psychiatric test.

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