BDP denies corruption allegations

Daniel Chida
NOT TRUE: Kentse

Botswana Democratic Party’s Chairman of Communications, Kagelelo Banks Kentse, has rubbished corruption allegations leveled against his party following President Mokgweetsi Masisi request for a 6-months long State of Emergency.

Leader of Opposition, Dumelang Saleshando, yesterday told parliament that he had evidence that some opportunistic companies had already positioned themselves to benefit from Covid-19 tenders through corruption.

When debating the tabled six months of State of Emergency motion that was brought by President Mokgweetsi Masisi yesterday, the Vice president of Umbrella for Democratic Change said that there are chances that there will be looting of public funds during the proposed time. “Already we have a list of BDP councilors who have been offered tender letters to help in supplying some of the goods. This is done without any assessment but to loot government,” explained Saleshando.

However, Kentse dismissed that as lies. “Its a blue lie, Saleshando must be ashamed for saying such things in the National Assembly. He reads a Facebook post then takes it to parliament, thats very low. The source is a known hoax spreader who survives on attacking the BDP and its leadership through made up stories,” he said that and added that there is no evidence whatsoever.” “President Masisi is a responsible leader who will never allow that to happen,” added Kentse.

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