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Back from the dead

EMOTIONAL: Peter's mother on seeing her son


Herdboy allegedly killed for muti resurfaces in Letlhakane *Alleged murderer nursing wounds after mob attack in Dimajwe

Tonota village was on Saturday left reeling in shock when a suspected muti murder victim resurfaced and walked into the police station alive and well.

Peter Ontathile, 20, went missing two weeks ago at Dimajwe village, sparking violent protests and savage attacks on a farmer suspected to have killed him for ritual purposes.

When news broke that Onthatile had gone missing, the suspected murderer, Sebetso Kgokong, was beaten to a bloody pulp by a mob of young and old people in Dimajwe.

His P400 000 Land Cruiser was torched as the enraged gang demanded Ontathile’s dead body from him.

Back from the dead
BURNT TO ASHES: What remains of P400 000 worth Landcruiser

The missing young man was however found in Letlhakane where he had landed a job as a herd boy – but that was after Kgokong was brutalised and humiliated by a crazed mob who dragged him through the village before setting his vehicle on fire.

His pleas and declaration of innocence fell on deaf ears, as the mob bayed for his blood and took turns to inflict pain and injuries on Kgokong’s weary body.

On Saturday, after Peter was found, the anguished Kgokong walked through the Tonota Police Station reception area demanding to see the man he had supposedly killed.

“Where’s he? I want to see him. Remember you guys tortured me for killing him,” shouted Kgokong in the general direction of police officers in the reception area.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, Kgokong said he left his cattle post in the morning to check on his employees (Peter’s parents) in Dimajwe. He parked his Land Cruiser at the gate and walked into their yard.

Back from the dead

“Out of nowhere a group of young men carrying stones and logs invaded the yard. I was knocked down and my hands tied behind my back,” narrated Kgokong.

“I was in total shock. I was not even aware that he had been missing. I had employed his parents not him, he just came to join his parents and we taught him how to drive a tractor,” said Kgokong.

He told how the mob tied his hands and proceeded to beat him with anything they could find. “They then dragged me across the village and displayed me in front of curious onlookers.”

He revealed how he was ordered to kneel down as he was being paraded in front of students who were invited to see ‘a murderer’ and a ‘man eater’.

The police rescued the farmer as the blood-thirsty mob strived to come up with even more inhumane ways to humiliate and inflict more pain on him.

He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for head injuries and cuts on his body.

“I am lucky to be alive,” he said.

Last weekend the brutalised farmer was however exonerated, as Ontathile was found in Letlhakane where he was settling into his new job as a herdboy.

The teary eyed Ontathile was handed to Serule police who quickly whisked him away to Dimajwe.

“From what we gathered Peter had reunited with his former employer from 2014 and left immediately without notifying his parents and Kgokong,” said Tonota Police Station Commander Kenanao Badumetse.

He was handed over to his parents in Dimajwe on Saturday evening at a packed kgotla.

In an emotionally charged atmosphere Serule Station Commander Lesole Mosimane said they are still going to get to the bottom of the issue and possibly prosecute those involved in the assault of Kgokong.

“This matter is far from over. We cannot just watch as people take the law into their own hands,” said Superintendent Mosimane.

He further advised young people to let their parents know where they are at all times to avoid causing unnecessary drama.

Leaving the Kgotla, Kgokong took one final, forlorn look at what used to be his luxurious Land Cruiser.

“Is this the end of it, or can I still salvage something here,” he asked, as he grimly assessed his vehicle’s charred remains.