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Shopping made easy with YourMart

The founder of YourMart, a Botswana-based online shopping App, has called on local retailers to utilise e-commerce to market their products.

Gakenosi Mpho is confident his website can help traders grow their businesses, within the country and even beyond.

The Maun-based businessman pointed to easy and cheaper connection with potential buyers as one of the biggest perks of his multi-vendor e-commerce platform, which has been running since 2020 and currently offers over 4, 000 products.

Listed items range from everyday purchases of beverages, health foods, spices and condiments, and even beauty products, to specialty goods such as home décor, electrical appliances, smart watches and building materials.

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Shoppers can browse and order via the App or website before getting their order delivered to their door, with the service available throughout Botswana.

“YourMart’s mission is to revolutionalize the retail landscape in Botswana by providing an easily accessible online marketplace that fosters growth, innovation and entrepreneurship for businesses to take advantage of,” Mpho told Voice Money.

Although he says businesses of all sizes can thrive and reach new heights through YourMart, Mpho is especially keen to give women and youth a helping hand.

“We are committed to significantly impacting the economy by unlocking new opportunities for both emerging and established female-founded and youth-led businesses by absorbing the fees of setting up a platform assistance with marketing and managing the delivery and warehousing logistics for these businesses,” he explained.

“The App aspires to create a community of sellers, buyers and partners that will be collectively empowered with new technologies and modern business practices so they can collectively contribute to the nation’s economic development,” continued Mpho.

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“We provide a smoother, more convenient shopping experience for consumers. By removing the pain points of traffic queues, impact of power cuts and having to drive around or phone around to find out whether or not what you are looking for is available. YourMart has removed all of these by providing a user friendly website and a free app for people to browse and shop with,” he stated, adding that when an item is not available locally, they source it from overseas.

Describing his online shopping experience as a beacon of innovation and growth in Botswana, Mpho noted it reflects the country’s progressive mindset and ambition.

“Through its robust platform it does not only support local businesses but also serves as a gateway to the global market. By embracing the potential of online retail, YourMart plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Botswana’s economy and contributing to the nation’s development online and offline.”

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