Young mum disfigured in brutal axe attack

Christinah Motlhabane

Described as ‘stunningly beautiful’ by those who know her, a 21-year-old mother-of-two is likely to be disfigured for life after being axed in the face.

Currently in Intensive Care at Nyangabgwe Hospital, Boseyong Ketlhobogilwe’s nose was left ‘hanging off’ when the axe sliced into her.

The young mum was repeatedly smashed in the face with a knobkerrie during the horrific attack, which occurred at Mabesekwa lands in the early hours of Monday morning.

Her grandmother, 75-year-old Kerileng Ketlhobogilwe was also injured, as was Boseyong’s 10-month-old toddler, who was tied to her back the whole time.

The old woman has identified the child’s father, Boseyong’s boyfriend, Micheal Bolene as their attacker.

The 28-year-old has not been seen since the incident.

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Eight days after the their ordeal, The Voice travelled to Mabesekwa village to meet with the Ketlhobogilwe family.

We arrive to the sound of a young baby’s angry cries. The infant is used to being breastfeed but his mother is 90km away, lying weakly in a hospital bed in Francistown.

His aunty, Kelebogile Ketlhobogilwe, 28, is desperately trying to console the youngster.

“I am now a grandmother because I am the first born. Our mother died six years ago and our grandmother, as you can, see she is old, she cannot take care of the small baby!” explains Kelebogile, gesturing impatiently at the frail elder seated beside her.

“What my sister’s boyfriend did is hurting us. Boseyong was a beautiful girl now someone decided to butcher her face and leave her needing operations,” continues the older sibling, before inviting her grandmother to take over the narrative.

Showing off a dark bruise that has spread greedily across her thin upper arm, Kerileng reveals she was struck multiple times with a knobkerrie on her shoulder and back.

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Speaking swiftly in deepest Setswana, she vividly recalls the events of that bloody night.

“It was very horrific my child. We were at Dimotswe lands and it was in the night when I was sleeping in my hut only to be woken by Boseyong and her boyfriend stepping on me.

“I quickly stood up wondering what was going on as I knew they went out drinking with their 10 months old baby. As I was standing, my granddaughter rushed behind me while Michael was holding an axe trying to cut her with it,” claims Kerileng, tutting furiously as she concedes she was powerless to intervene.

“As old as I am I didn’t have the strength to help my grandchild. I kept pleading with Michael to leave the girl alone but he refused. Boseyong was carrying the child on her back as she was fighting for her life!”

The old lady bravely stood her ground, refusing to let the axe-wielding attacker get close to her granddaughter.

It was then that Kerileng says the intruder produced a knobkerrie and struck her several times, sending her crumpling to the ground.

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“I cried bitterly watching Michael hacking my granddaughter with an axe. He cut her, leaving the nose hanging. She was bleeding badly, her whole face completely distorted! I doubt Boseyong will be able to speak well again if she can recover,” narrates Kerileng, her soft tones lulling the baby to sleep.

BRAVE: Kerileng Ketlhobogilwe showing her wounds

The great-grandmother says she started screaming for help immediately after Bolene fled into the night.

“Boseyong’s brothers arrived from the other side of the lands. They quickly took a donkey cart and rushed their sister to Mabesekwa clinic, where she was referred to Nyangabgwe.

“This has shaken me to the core. I do not think I will be able to go to the lands again because Michael is still on the loose and we do not know his plans!” she says, adding that although her battered body is stiff and sore, it is the mental scars from that night that will haunt her forever.

For their part, Boseyang’s two brothers, who are both older, told The Voice they are still looking for Bolene.

“We don’t know what will happen if we find him,” they warn, cracking their knuckles ominously.

Meanwhile, Tonota Station Commander, Oteng Ngada confirmed they are investigating a case of unlawful wounding.

“The incident was reported in the morning of Monday. The suspect, who is originally from Chadibe, remains on the run. When caught, he will be charged with unlawful wounding, although this might change depending on the investigations,” said the top cop.

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