Three hours with ATI

Sharon Mathala

Virtual jamming in the new normal

Your favourite news platform, The Voice Online, has joined forces with ATI, another big brand in the showbiz industry to immerse entertainment lovers in a three-hour long virtual concert slated for October.

In response to the diminishing entertainment activity and the stalled income streams bedeviling artists due to the Covid-19 social distancing protocols, we have established the inaugural partnership to rejuvenate the entertainment industry under the ‘new normal’ conditions, hence the virtual concert.

“While a virtual show will never quite replace the communal sway and sweat of an in-venue experience, the social distancing requirements brought about by COVID-19, dictate that we look to innovative means for artists to adjust to new ways to earn money for themselves and the causes they support,” so says The Voice Online Editor, Innocent Tshukudu about the impending concert.

Three Hours with ATI promises by all accounts to bring a massive virtual experience with the talented rapper looking to bring his music and message to the digital foreground, reaching new audiences and perspectives with innovative creative content.

Known for his exhilarating stage performances , ATI is expected to also feature 12 artists in the virtual show.

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Some proceeds from the show will be donated to a selected school to help improve the learning environment for the students.

“I have been away from the stage for quite sometime now, so this was the opportune moment for me to make this comeback. I can’t wait for you to see the end product. This show will also coincide with my birthday and what better way to do it and also make a difference by improving the learning environment and making it a little bit more conducive for students,” ATI said.

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