Thea Khama takes maid to court

Sharon Mathala

Trial in a case in which Thea Khama has dragged her former house help to court has been set for December 2.

The case will take off at the Broadhurst Magistrate court, before presiding Magistrate, Tshepo Thedi.
According to the charge sheet the house help, 34 year old Gobona Gabatlale is accused of stealing items worth P 6,280.00.

“The accused person between August 2018 to September 2018 on specific dates unknown to the prosecution at Ruretse whilst employed by Thea Khama as a domestic worker without claim right stole the underlisted property of Thea Khama, which property came into her possession by virtue of employment, “reads the charge sheet.

Gabotlale is said to have stolen a blue dress valued at P600, white rain coat valued at P 1 500, Top valued at P 900, Hair dryer valued at P280, car jumper cables valued at P600, a bracelet that costs P400, long sleeved t- shirt valued at P600, checked shirt valued at P600 and camping chair valued at P800.