Honda fit stolen from police station

Cathrine Moemedi
LEAVING COURTROOM: Last Thusang(red jersey) and Arona Petso

Two Maun men who stole a Honda Fit sedan from under the police’s noses were arraigned before Maun Magistrate court on Tuesday this week.

The duo of Last Thusang, 31 and Arona Petso, 25 are accused of stealing a vehicle valued at P38 000 between 19th March and 16th at Maun Police Station.

According to court documents, at the time of commission of the alleged crime the said vehicle was in police custody and therefore deemed state property.

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The duo have since been charged with a single count of Theft of a Motor.

State Prosecutor Gabaeme Tumaeletse applied for the remand of the accused persons as the investigations have just commenced.

“The Investigating Officer could not make it to court to deal with this bail application issue as he had other commitments,” Tumaletse told court.

When asked to speak both accused persons opted to remain silent.

The matter has been set for 14 May, 2024 for bail hearing.

Over the years the Honda Fit has become a problematic car in Botswana.

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It is fast, small and offers conservative fuel consumption, unfortunately crime statistics show that this nimble sedan has become a car of choice for criminals.

In 2020 Maun was hit by a spate of robberies involving the Honda Fit.

A Khoemacau employee was robbed of P70 000 in a smash and grab incident, and his attackers got away on a Honda Fit.

The man of Indian origin had just withdrawn the cash from the bank.

In another incident in the same year three bandits made away with P50 000 from Choppies Store at Maun New Mall and escaped in a Honda Fit.

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The same car was involved when three men robbed security guards over P165 000 belonging to Maun Fours Cash and Carry and sped off in a blue Honda Fit.

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