The big debate 8 Days to go

Portia Mlilo
THE VOICE EDITOR IN CHIEF: Emang Mutapati(L), PRODUCER: Nick Mmopele(R)

To kill or not to kill? That is the question

Eight days to go and sparks are expected to fly as four eminent personalities, (three attorneys and a former customary court judge) argue the controversial topic of the death penalty at a live event presented by The Voice media house.

Dissecting the motion; Is it time to review the death penalty in Botswana, battle lines are already drawn for the Big Debate to be held at The Grand Aria hotel on the 20th of April with the brilliant and eloquent Advocate Dr Sidney Pilane and young attorney Tshepiso Tjedu Lediretse from Lediretse attorneys on one side in support of the capital punishment versus the oratorical and daring attorney, Tshiamo Rantao and the wise judge Margaret Mosojane on the other side.

Meanwhile The Former President of the Court of Appeal Dr Ian Stuart Kirby whose contribution to the legal fraternity and to our jurisprudence is undeniably impressive will bring insights and thoughts on the constitution in relation to the Death penalty today.

Giving the objective of the event, The Voice Editor-in-Chief Emang Mutapati said that the Big Debate was part of a series of events that will mark The Voice newspaper’s 30th anniversary .

The first issue of The publication hit the streets of Francistown,a City fondly dubbed The ‘ghetto’ on February 12, 1993, with the bold and visionary headline “Dumelang! Yes,! Its time for a NEW NEWSPAPER.

But Why debate the death penalty in particular?

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Mutupati said since she joined The Voice as a young cub reporter on the court beat in Francistown 39 years ago, the death penalty has always been a sensitive and emotive topic that sparked interest across all sectors of the society.

“Setting an agenda and getting people talking is part of our mandate as the media. We at The Voice strongly believe that to build a democratic and pluralistic society that is able to adapt to the ever changing times that are upon us, we are going to need to, not allow free speech and divergent views but to go a step further and foster a culture of robust debate so that we can, as a collective grapple with complex issues until we arrive at possible solutions as a nation. In Setswana we say, ‘Molemo wa Kgang ke go buiwa,'” Mutapati explained.

” We are encouraged by the progress and impact we have had thus far considering the numerous history-making and policy-changing articles that we’ve published in the quest for a brighter Botswana,” said Mutapati

The producer of the debate, Nick Mmopele said the audience will have an opportunity to ask the panellists questions and take part in the debate. He said Voice of the People is a debate and analysis show that has been ongoing on The Voice Facebook page for two years now.

The programme is hosted by Kgosi Moremong and Tumo Moremedi who have a vast experience in hosting debates. They are professional debaters who have participated in international debates in Asia and Africa. They were part of the organising team for the world’s debate championships held in Botswana in 2010 and they were also part of PAN African debate championships,” said Mmopele

The show will start at 17h30 and tickets are sold for P10 000 table and P1 300 individual. For purchasing of tickets contact +267 74455295 or +267 71558479

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