Sereetsi raises over P10K from live session

Sharon Mathala
CHARITABLE: Tomeletso Sereetsi

Donates it all to COVID-19 relief fund

Inspired by the generosity of his fans, celebrated local artist

Tomeletso Sereetsi has donated the P10, 300 he raised from his second Online Live Concert to the Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Dubbed ‘Serubing live session’, the concert, which lasts for almost two hours, aired on Thursday 23 April and has so far been viewed over 29, 000 times on Facebook and Stageit.

In a brief interview with Voice Entertainment, the Sereetsi & The Natives frontman said he was extremely proud of what he had achieved.

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“I have already had two live sessions which have received a warm welcome from our audiences. I think I pulled off what I had set out to do with the live sessions, which is to entertain natives and take their minds off the gloom and doom of Covid-19 and with the second one raise funds towards the National Covid Fund,” explained the ‘Robete’ hit-maker, who was quick to thank the fans for their support.

“It speaks volumes of my supporters and fans and the quality of supporters the natives are. They are the ones who made this possible. I am forever indebted to them.”

Following the interest generated from the live sessions, Sereetsi has set his sights on building up his online following.

“I will now be directing my energies to building an online audience on other platforms like Stageit going forward where I am also able to get paid as well,” affirmed the Folk singer.

However the natives will have to wait a little longer for the next album.

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“My next album will definitely be ready next year. I am still working on new material and perfecting the art.”

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