School head questioned over paving bricks

Motswasele Junior Secondary School Head, Segametsi Matlho, was on Friday questioned by Molepolole police over controversially acquired paving bricks. 

The bricks are said to have been taken from the school premises on Wednesday morning and transported to Matlho’s house in New Town.

According to concerned staff members, Matlho is suspected to have awarded a pavement tender for the new school Guidance & Counselling wing to a company belonging to Olefile Tshwenyana, a husband to a Head of Department (HOD) at the school.

“Surprisingly the tender was never advertised though it was worth more than P 90 000.00. It was not the first time the man was awarded tendering at school, one could question why the HOD’s husband alone,” wondered a concerned teacher before disclosing that it was the third tender awarded to Tshwenyana following two others for renovation of the school kitchen chimney and another for construction of a shade in front of the kitchen.

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The concerned staff further complained that though Matlho claimed she bought the bricks, they could have been auctioned since they are school property.

Tshwenyana confirmed he was awarded a tender worth P 93 898.24 which he has already been paid for by the school.

He however, claimed the tender was not advertised as it was urgent and only two contractors were called and he finally got it. “The police came to my place and led me to their office for questioning which I can confirm that I completed the pavement at the school and 7 bales of bricks remained. Since I was providing both material and labour, I took the remaining bricks as they were mine,” explained Tshwenyana.

He continued saying “I thought of taking the remaining bricks to Kwena Concrete where I bought them and realised it will cost more as I had to pay P4 500.00 for transportation. Later I was approached the school head together with Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Chairperson as they showed interest for paving their homes.”

 Tshwenyana disclosed that the PTA chairperson got two bales while Matlho got five bales.

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The school head declined to comment on the matter.

Molepolole Police Station Commander, Superintendent Motlhaba Rammabya, was also reluctant to provide any further details on the allegations. “Some things are difficult to say like the way people see them, when the issue comes you have to investigate first and then confirm when you are sure, I cannot talk about it now,” he said.

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