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Kitso Ramono

Starlight Studios promote culture through fashion

As a teaser for next month’s main event, Starlight Studios lit up Cresta Lodge on a sparkling Saturday afternoon in the capital, successfully holding an activation for their ‘Fashion Show of All Nations Afrique Collections’.

The event gave the public the chance to meet the designers and models that will rock the runway on 29 June for the show’s second edition.

In a quick chat with Voice Entertainment, Starlight Studios founder, Daisy Mokoba explained the focus remains the same as it was in Maun last year, when they started the fashion initiative.

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“Our purpose is to preserve our culture and the African culture which is at a threat of being extinct as years go by, while also showcasing the creativity of designers and talent of models that we have in our country,” she said.

However, there will be one key difference, as this year’s show will have representation from designers from Ghana and Kenya.

As well as the designers, the fashion extravaganza is also an excellent platform for young models looking to progress their careers.

“Our purpose is to sell our designers and models outside the country and also to other continent such as Europe which has a lot of experience when it comes to the fashion industry. We hope to help create employment in a sense that models who will be showcasing the designers products will have a chance to impress modeling agencies that will be present at the event, possibly get contracts and lucrative deals from them,” mentioned Mokoba.

DRESSED TO IMPRESS: Nancy Mburu from Kenya

Despite being the largest cultural fashion event in the country, the Starlight Studios Director admitted there is unlikely to be any prize money on the night as organisers were unable to secure a financial sponsor, after last year’s backers, The Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sports and Culture pulled out.

“We haven’t packaged our prize money for our winners, which will be the Best Designer and the Best Model, as we have challenge of sponsorship. But we have a contract with our participants which promises them that they will be awarded if the event makes a profit,” assured Mokoba, thanking Duma FM, Cresta Lodge, CIPA and Bravo Marketing for helping sponsor the show.

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Adding international flavor to proceedings, Kenyan designer, Nancy Mburu said she decided to take part to showcase her country’s rich culture.

“I design African clothes and accessories, mostly from the Kenyan culture; I joined the Fashion Week show to promote my culture to the people of Botswana,” stated an excited Mburu, looking fabulous in her traditional attire.

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