No bail for murder suspect

Gofaone Koogotsitse
MURDER SUSPECT: Oabile Maranjane

A young habitual criminal accused of murdering Letlhakeng Chief Social and Development Officer about two months ago will wait for sometime in jail as prosecution objected to his release considering the numerous crimes he committed while on bail.

22-year-old Oabile Maranjane from Letlhakeng, Shageng ward who is facing two counts of murder and robbery, is suspected to have murdered Letlhakeng District Council employee, Kelebogile Mhlanga on April 24th, 2024 while violently robbing her of her Samsung A54 cellphone, Apple iphone, BTC router, black wrist watch, Absa bank card, Orange money card, Mascom My Zaka card and cash amounting to P5000, all properties valued at a grand total of P19 800.

Maranjane also has 12 counts of house break-in and theft, the offences he committed since last year September. He was arrested for breaking into Mlhanga’s house this year in February but was later released on bail only for him to rob Mlhanga again and then kill him on April 9th, 2024.

On his bail opposing affidavit filed before court, the District Criminal Investigation Department Officer, Detective Superintendent Andrew Koitsiwe stated that Maranjane committed the offences while on bail which shows that he is now a hardened criminal.

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“Other victims of his have also complained that they live in fear of being attacked by the accused person and that he might be intending to eliminate them to avoid being prosecuted,” stated the affidavit.

It is alleged that Maranjane during questioning by the police revealed that he killed Mhlanga because she had seen him and he avoided to be prosecuted.

Little did the accused know, this publication has learnt that Mhlanga who had a forgiving heart did not have interest for the house breaking and theft case to be tried before court, unfortunately her life was cut short by the same youth she intended to forgive.

Although the amount of cash withdrawn was not disclosed, the affidavit also stated that there were bank transactions made from Automated Teller Machines (ATM) at Letlhakeng and Molepolole where the deceased’s ABSA bank account was used to withdraw some money.

It was also discovered that the same bank card was used to purchase various items in different shops by way of swiping.

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Mhlanga was found dead by the police in her bedroom at the staff houses after her colleagues who got suspicious of her absence at work and her failure to reach her on her mobile phone alerted law enforcement officers.

She was reportedly discovered between the bed and wardrobe wrapped with a sheet and covered with a blanket on top.

According to the police, they found her car parked, the house locked and they broke the door to gain entry.

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“Inside her house in the sitting room the police seized a blue men’s jacket which was suspected to be the property Maranjane. The police followed him at his home where he was not found but his parents confirmed that the jacket belonged to him,” said the affidavit.

The deceased jacket was also found at Maranjane’s place, her BTC router and a black wrist watch were also discovered at Maranjane’s aunt in Molepolole, Ga-Ranta ward.

Her Samsung A54 cellphone was recovered from a certain woman in Lekgwapheng ward and her iphone at Bobididi ward still in Molepolole.

Meanwhile, Maranjane was advised by Chief Magistrate Gaseitsewe Tonoki during his mention this week Monday to go and read the affidavit and respond to it.

He will appear for mention on July 4th, 2024.

With his numerous crimes he committed, chances of him being granted bail are very slim.

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