New look Laha open for business


Maun’s new and improved, LAHA hotel officially reopened it doors last Tuesday just in time for the festive celebrations.

As locals prepare to flock to the tourist town for the holidays, the establishment is ready to impress with its revamped look, offering a touch of sophistication.

“We have given it the look and feel of a five-star hotel,” declared the co-owner, Hannah Lecha, who runs the 15-bedroomed hotel with her husband, Lawrence Lecha – hence, LAHA, a combination of the first two letters of their first names.

Speaking at the grand launch, Hannah, a biologist by profession, told the audience this was the culmination of a dream 18 years in the making.

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She explained how, at the age of 29, she quit University and her well-paid job to pursue her passion in real estate.

“I had just completed my Masters of Science in Botany and was about to pursue my PHD when I had a wake-up call and a strong realisation that I did not want to be an academic but rather to take care of people so I quit,” Hannah stated simply, adding she did not know exactly how but felt entrepreneurship could be part of that.

What she was certain of was that she did not want to be self-employed but rather have a business that would make money without her being in that particular work environment.

“When I quit my job the one thing I had my eye on was real estate. I started attracting real estate properties. The property that we are living in right now, I got it when I was doing Form 4; don’t ask me how, but I got it and the landboard awarded it to me!”

Having purchased property in both Francistown and Maun, it was not until Hannah brought a 4, 000 sq metre plot in the tourist town’s Boseja ward that she considered venturing into the hotel industry.

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Initially, the couple had planned to build a house on the land.

GO GETTER: Hannah Lecha

However, after much soul-searching they converted their energy into something that would generate income daily not monthly.

“That is how the idea of the hotel came about. It took us almost six years to finish building this hotel because we did not take a loan for it,” Hannah revealed proudly.
For his part, Lawrence was quick to admit his wife was the mastermind behind LAHA’S impressive new look.

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“I need not lie and take accolades for the improvements of this hotel, I did not do anything. This woman went through stress to ensure this is done. She overworked herself so much that each evening when she got back home she would black out immediately as her head hit the pillow, why? Because she was pushing and when Hannah pushes no one can loosen her grip from her target, that is how focused she is!”

The hotel includes a top notch restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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