Miss Geekays Drama


Khumo Kgwaadira is one of the most promising young personalities in the country, Shaya is proud of her achievements especially her ‘Who am I ‘movement.

The RB2 star posted on her twitter page this that she is quitting the industry. Miss Geekays said she once tried to commit suicide as she battled with the challenges of being a young star.

Of course Shaya sniffed around and the reviews are bad Khumo, they say they feel your pain but your attitude speaks volumes. Shaya does not know you that much, but from a distance you seem like a fun girl to be around. I heard back in school you were quite reserved.

Is it possible you bit more than you cn chew? I encourage you to take time off the limelight and check on your peeps in Sefhare, I know you’ll come back stronger. Shaaya is a sucker for young ladies doing it for themselves.

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