Killed in cold blood

Kabelo Dipholo
KILLED: Zulu Dube

Soldier knifes popular ‘Pantsula’ to death

A popular member of the Bechuanaland Pantsula Academy, Kgosietsile Zulu Dube was stabbed to death on Sunday at Magodi Football Club Grounds in Borolong village.

Known for his silky dance moves and the ability to light up any dance stage, Zulu met his untimely death following a confrontation with a Maun-based Botswana Defence Force (BDF) employee, Tlamelo Kethabanetswe who stabbed him with a knife once above the heart.

The 28-year-old BDF Private appeared for mention at the Francistown Magistrate Court on Tuesday where his plea was reserved.

Prosecutor, Isaiah Oabile told the court that their investigations are still at an infancy stage as they’re yet to record statements from witnesses.

“We humbly pray the accused be remanded in custody,” pleaded Oabile.

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Given a chance to speak a downcast looking Kethabanetswe chose to remain silent. The accused was therefore remanded in custody and will reappear on the 21st of December.

In an interview with The Voice, Tatitown Station Commander, Edward Leposo, confirmed they are investigating a murder case in which a misunderstanding ensued between two men at Magodi football pitch leaving the other man dead.

“This is the 5th murder case in my jurisdiction and most of them involve a man killing another man,” said Leposo.

Meanwhile eyewitnesses have given conflicting narration as to what really took place on that fateful Sunday afternoon.

A concerned eyewitness, who showed bloody pictures to this reporter painted the accused as a bully and a menace to society known to harass innocent villagers after every drinking spree.

“Kethabanetswe had been drinking Chibuku the whole day, he was drunk and rowdy. He’s very rough and always itching to get physical,” he said.

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The eyewitness said before stabbing Dube, Kethabanetswe had earlier harassed him and his friend.

“He came from behind me and grabbed me by the waist with both hands. I didn’t like that but he didn’t care, so I walked away,” said the eyewitness.

UNDER ESCORT: Kethabanetswe leaving court

He said about half an hour later a hyperactive Kethabanetswe roughed up Dube who responded by pushing him away.

“Dube drew his Okapi knife and hurled a few insults then put it back into his pocket,” The Voice learnt.

He further said Kethabanetswe retreated a few metres and seemed to have lost interest or chickening out of a face-off with Dube.

“Moments later Kethabanetswe then drew his own knife and came charging at Dube. Without blinking he stabbed him once on the chest. After about five seconds Dube fell to the ground. He tried to get up but fell again,” he said.

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The Voice learnt that Kethabanetswe then got into his silver RunX of registration numbers B535 ATN and attempted to flee.

“People stopped him and he came back, then loaded a convulsing Dube into his car and drove off to the Hospital.

“He killed him, its as simple as that,” he said.

However, another eyewitness who also pleaded for anonymity put the blame squarely on the slain Pantsula’s hands.

“Zulu was the aggressor. He was the first to draw a knife and “Skwata” had to defend himself. Everyone knows that Zulu packs an Okapi knife,” he said.

In a heartfelt message of condolences, the Bechuanaland Pantsula Academy posted a video of Dube clad in his Pantsula regalia, doing what he does best, dancing to Disco music.

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